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Friday Featured Shop

Friday Featured Shop: PZ Designs


~Simple elegance~

I am not sure why I am continuously surprised by the ever expansive amount of talent I keep finding here in Idaho. Perhaps I have let the nation’s general populace influence my thinking. “Sophistication and class can’t be found Idaho, do they even have indoor plumbing there?” Shame on me. The featured shop I had a chance to speak with  this week is brimming with both sophistication and charm.  I browsed through the shops’ beaded collection and found nature,  beautifully depicted through beadwork. I wanted to speak to the creator of these refreashing peices and find out what drives her designs.

1. Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere, but if I’m in a slump, I turn to nature. I love the color palettes found in nature photography – I find myself drawn to ocean colors most often, even though I live in the woods! Sometimes finding a unique finding or bead also lends inspiration for a piece – I’ve bought many beads that have great promise for amazing jewelry designs, and then wait for inspiration to strike. My favorite, though, is making custom pieces. Clients are great inspiration – especially those who have a vision that I  can then bring to life!

2. How has your work grown and changed since you first started selling on etsy?


~Bright and airy~

My work is constantly changing because I love learning new techniques and trying out new tools whenever possible. My shop started with only a dozen beadwoven items, and now I carry about 40 designs in various techniques, including knotting and wire wrapping. Beadweaving is a passion of mine though, so I always return to it. Metalsmithing is another passion, and as my personal studio slowly takes form, I hope to make more of my own findings and continue to expand my jewelry line. Of course, having a “line” of jewelry often entails having a repeating style, and I find myself a flit – I flit from one technique to another so my shop always has new designs instead of repeating ones….

3. How have you made your shop a success?

This is a difficult question, because I’m still trying to get my shop off the ground. I haven’t quite found my niche so I haven’t found my customer base, which makes it difficult to successfully advertise. The more time I put into my store, the more views and sales I get. It can be a real challenge to find the time to make jewelry, have an interested online presence, and take care of my family, however. Over the years, I have improved my photography, added more items to my shop, and have started selling local first. Definitely take advantage of family and friends to help spread the word – and maybe slip in a piece of jewelry now and again as thanks!

Go and check out this amazing crafter. I want to thank PZ Designs for taking the time to talk with me. Please visit her shop and support local business in Idaho! PZ Designs is proof that Idaho has all the talent and quality you’re looking for!


~Simple, yet eyecatching~




One thought on “Friday Featured Shop: PZ Designs

  1. awesome! Thank you so much!

    Posted by Hannah Trost | March 12, 2013, 9:50 am

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